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Importance of Security

Security is the condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially and just like the other human basic needs, it is critical and should hence be provided to the people. The security issues are maintained by some organizations and bodies.

There are reasons why the security and protection from all kinds of danger and damage for the property and people as well is important. The advantages of the security to the people and their belongings may include some of these reasons. First, It keeps the property and many other materials protected from damage from various factors that are caused against them. Some of these factors include those that lead to massive and unwanted losses.

Protection of the people becomes very beneficial because there lives are not interfered with. Security is critical to avoid unnecessary deaths that may occur if people are not properly protected from different problems and hence it is very important. People feel free to participate in different tasks without being afraid of anything while they are protected and hence the security becomes an important and an advantageous need to them.

Security is also very important for development and hence stable economies because people can do various things and also mace various investments without the feat that these investments may be interfered with through many practices. This is because the businesses can be startup and operated by different people without worrying about the destruction from various factors that may lead to massive losses of the property. People are also able to associate with the others and hence the share of ideas is enabled and this is very critical for the development.

It is advantageous to ensure security to protect some insecure practices that may lead to high expenses incurred by those who engage into these activities.

Security is also very critical to ensure that people follow some of the set rules and regulations that are set to guide them on how to conduct themselves because they will feel that they should play a role in meeting these requirements. The environment just like any other thing need protection from destruction, and hence this is a function of the security.

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