3 Reasons to Install Vessel Sinks in Home Bathrooms

Bathroom upgrades are popular home improvement projects because it only takes a few changes to give rooms fresh, new looks. For example, homeowners can simply replace out-of-date vanities and sinks to create dramatic decorating statements. Choosing vessel sinks is especially effective because suppliers offer a huge variety of styles. The unique sinks also add elegance to spaces and can be attached to virtually any type of cabinet to create custom vanities.

Vessel Style Sinks Provide Classic Elegance

The designs for vessel-style sinks are based on original pitchers and basins. Most styles are also budget friendly. That makes them the ideal fusion of affordability and elegance. They can instantly give any space a classic look. Although the sinks have graceful lines that make them look fragile, they are often made of sturdy materials like stone, bronze, copper, or stainless steel. The majority can withstand heavy daily use and retain their beauty for decades.

Suppliers Offer a Variety of Styles

Homeowners also have a vast range of sink choices, so it is easy to find a type to match any decorating theme. For example, manufacturers offer hand-painted glass versions that are ideal for contemporary homes. Rounded copper sinks blend perfectly into island-themed baths or powder rooms. Suppliers sell African-inspired granite products that are often carved from single pieces of stone. Freestanding sinks are easily mounted on walls, counters, or vanities. Ceramic, marble, china and brushed gold styles are available in a wide variety of shapes that can easily make them the decorative focal points of bathrooms.

Sinks Pair Well With All Kinds of Vanities

One of the most charming features of vessel style sinks is the fact they can be installed on any kind of cabinet. In fact, many homeowners add the sinks to DIY cabinetry made from dressers, desks, or favorite vintage storage pieces. They are also ideal for space-saving projects that include tiny DIY cabinets. Because sinks are mounted on cabinet surfaces, all of the space beneath them is freed up.

Vessel style sinks can be installed in bathrooms to add a touch of elegance as well as create a custom look. They are available in a huge range of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. The sinks are ideal for DIY bathroom projects because they can be added to almost any kind of cabinetry to create unique vanities.

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