5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Attorney

When looking for a Tulsa criminal attorney, defendants must consider a variety of factors. The lawyer must be licensed, they need certain qualities, and they must be able to devote a certain amount of time to the case. With all these criteria, finding a quality attorney depends on the potential client’s willingness to do the research. Read on to learn which considerations to make when selecting an attorney.


This consideration is one of the most basic, but it’s also one of the most important. An attorney has to be licensed in Oklahoma to represent criminal defendants in the state.


Although many criminal lawyers take routine cases, some focus on specific areas of defense. Such concentrations may include theft, DUI, domestic violence, technical crimes, and violent crimes, to name a few. It may be beneficial to hire a lawyer who focuses on the defendant’s specific charges as this may mean more experience in that area of defense.


The qualities a client seeks in a criminal attorney are specific to themselves and the case, and it’s up to the client to decide what kind of person they’re comfortable with. Some clients would rather work with a lawyer from a small firm, while others would prefer an experienced attorney from a large firm. Determining the most important qualities will help a client make the right decision for their case.


In some instances, it’s important to consider a lawyer’s reputation. Some are known to take complex or high-profile cases. Clients can find out about a lawyer’s reputation by reading legal publications, testimonials, and reviews.


Because the cost of a private defense can vary, it’s important for clients to understand what can affect those figures. Most lawyers charge based on factors such as their experience, the nature of the case, the jurisdiction, the expected duration of the case, and the need for industry witnesses.

Once a client decides which qualifications they want in a Tulsa criminal attorney they can start the search. By following these tips and making certain considerations, clients can find the right type of legal representation no matter what kind of charges they’re facing.

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