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Things That Laser Hair Removal Entails

If it happens that you are confronted with a permanent process, you can have a lot of anxiety and stress involved. If you are planning on going through laser hair removal, it is important for you to be aware of how the process goes since it can help you manage the stress and worry before and when the procedure is ongoing.

Laser hair removal has become so common over the years because it is effective, safe and more permanent as compared to other hair removal processes such as tweezing, waxing and electrolysis. Laser hair removal cannot be done to people who have fine, blonde or grey hair, and also people with dark hair and dark skin use a specific type of laser for the process to be successful.

You can get some unique lasers which can be used for removing the hair, and they have unique beams of light which they eject which is targeted on the melanin in the hair and the follicles. The laser beam is passed through the skin and is later absorbed by the melanin which is usually in the hair follicle. Due to this, people whose complexion is fair and hair dark can get the most favourable results after the procedure of laser hair removal has been completed. For people who have almost the same hair and skin tone, the lasers cannot differentiate between the two. The laser works such that it damages the follicle to the point that it cannot be repaired which makes the hair never to grow at that point again.

After the follicle is spoilt, the skin closes in a manner that is not fast, and there is a creation of a smooth surface on the skin. Even though the laser is thorough in how it works, laser hair removal is usually effective on hair with active growth. The laser does not remove hairs which are in the resting phase well which is why you may need multiple treatments for the process to be effective on the area targeted. Some areas respond to laser treatment better than others which is why the number of treatments may differ depending on the area that you are treating. There is, however, no one area which can get treatment using one treatment, and many people may have to go through almost three treatments in a year.

The cold air is used for making the area numb for the laser pulse.

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