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Scrubwear and Fashion and the Health Industry

Uniform scrubs have nowadays become more than a normal wear and can be seen worn by nearly all, if not all of the healthcare professionals. These items of garment have come in and turned out to be the timely replacement for the crisply starched white dresses, shoes and nurse’s caps that were worn in the traditional hospital and healthcare professional’s wardrobe wear for these healthcare professionals.

The scrubwear were at the introductory phase of their time to the medical profession were commonly adorned by the hospital surgeons and the other operating room staff. Scrubs became so easy for the hospital facilities to wash and have laundered at such high temperatures and thus guarantee an item of wear while in the operating room so as to assure a bacteria free garment ideal for use in the sterile conditions of the operating room and the other infection control areas. These were majorly designed with blue or green as the sole color codes for them. The other restriction that was also there was that on the styles as they came in basically a single style. The garments were strictly designed for the fitting of either sexes as pants and tops, final.

In the beginning of the 1980’s the nursing scrubs as well came around and these as well began to rise in popularity across the healthcare practice as they were with the hospital units, the physician’s offices and as well the dentists as well began appreciating them all the same. The main advantages and which proved to be the major driving forces behind these garments were such as the ease of wear with which they came, the ease of laundering and the freedom of movement that they allowed. The need to opt in for additional style in the scrubwear actually became more and more evident as there was an increase in the number of the healthcare professionals who saw and chose to make the scrubs as their preference for the uniforms to have for their practice. So as to be in a position to serve the needs of the increased and diverse body shapes and styles in the field, the scrub pants had on them added the elastic waists, petite and tall lengths, and as well an increased size range. As the scrubwear now transformed and became a part in the fashion industry the cargo pants came into the scene. In the scrubwear fashion industry, we even saw the scrub tops on which were added tunics and the button front options.

Steadily moving into the years, manufacturers of the scrub wear paid a deal of attention to the aspect of fashion in their design of the scrubwear and they always had it as their watchword ever working round the clock so as to ensure that they have created a wear that was trendy for the scrub wearers.

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